We are excited for the opportunity to serve your children with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Urban Soccer League. Our league is for children ages 6-14 (as of August 1, 2018) and is $30/player. You will be contacted by your volunteer site director after registering below for further details on practices and games. For any questions, please contact league director, Alexis White at

Fall Important Dates:

- August 5th : Registration begins
- August 12th : First week of practice
- September 7th : First game
- September 14th: All registration money due, registration is closed
- October 26th: Playoffs begin
- November 2nd : Championship games

-Picture day: October 5th

Site Director’s Contact:

  • Adamsville: Dale Stephens (678) 333-8031

  • Southeast: Devron Woodruff (770) 912-7666

  • Old Fourth Ward: Ryan Brodie u10 coach (757) 537-6683 and Joe Davis u14 coach (850) 209-1956

  • Decatur: Lendon Childress "LC" (678) 637-8785

  • English Avenue: Carlos Preston (470) 535-6948

  • MLK: Shantel Alphabet (404) 604-9939

Parent or Guardian Name *
Parent or Guardian Name
This is the age group I desire my child to play in:
Waiver & Release *
I understand that in sports training, there is always a risk of permanent or partial injury and/or disability. I hereby waive and release FCA Soccer its sponsors, affiliates, instructors, partners, the City of Atlanta Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and all participants directing their programs from any liability or injuries the athlete might incur while participating in these programs, or traveling to or from training sessions. I certify by checking "I agree" below, that I know of no mental or physical problems that might affect the athlete’s ability to safely participate in the programs offered by FCA Soccer and I further agree to be solely responsible for any medical or related expenses arising from the athlete’s participation and/or attendance in the programs offered by FCA Soccer. I hereby authorize the instructors and/or management of FCA Soccer to act for me, in my absence, according to their best judgment, in any emergency requiring medical attention. I understand and agree that FCA Soccer will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal property during the athlete’s attendance at any of its training programs and/or events. I give my irrevocable consent to allow FCA Soccer to use my child’s likeness, in video, photograph and sound, for promotional activities associated with FCA Soccer.
Code of Conduct & Rules of the Game *
I have read and understand the rules below. I will cheer for my team and not against the other team. I will not address the referees and if an FCA staff person asks me to move my seat to the allotted area, I will have no problem doing that or I will be asked to leave the field. RULES & REGULATIONS by AGE DIVISION: U7 · Coach / referees (allowed on field) · No goals / goalies · 10 minute quarters · 4 v 4 players on field · field size – 35L x 25W · size ball - 3 U10 · certified referees · yellow & red cards – yellow (2) & red(1) evicted from current game and next · 25 minutes halves · 6 v 6, including goalies · field size – 50L x 40W · size ball – 4 U14 · 30 minute halves · 7 v 7, including goalies field size – 50L x 40W size ball – 5 Late policy, U10 & U14 · 10 minutes after start time – game will be forfeited from team who is not present. Game can be played for fun, but not for record.


You can get involved with FCA Urban Soccer by volunteering your time and talents! Below are a few options on how to be involved:

  • Become a head coach for one of our local teams.

  • Become an assistant coach or team helper.

To sign up to Volunteer, please contact Alexis White via email at, or by phone at (404) 438-6451


Summer Internship

Job description:

An FCA Soccer Intern should seek to represent Christ in character and service to under-served youth in the Atlanta area. An FCA intern will use soccer as a tool to be a coach-mentor with student-athletes from select communities between the ages of 8-13. The intern will spend approximately 40 hours/week running soccer practices, leading bible studies, attending staff meetings, transporting kids to camps & church, spending down time with these student athletes, while being flexible to help as other needs come up with FCA. Each intern is responsible for raising 50% of his or her salary. Internship length is flexible between 6-10 weeks of the summer. Director and intern will discuss prior to hire date.

Required Qualifications:    

  • Must be a committed follower of Jesus

  • Must have reliable transportation

  • Must have housing in Atlanta

  • Must be reliable

  • Must be self motivated

Desired Qualifications:

  • Some knowledge/experience with Soccer

  • Experience working with children 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Communication skills

  • Hard working.

Submit resume to Alexis at