Interview With Zaniah - 10/03/14

Last week at practice at Vine City, I took one of our kids aside to do an interview. This sweet girl is named Zaniah and she is both an awesome soccer player and amazing student. The first week I started coming to Vine City, she immediately attached herself to my side. It’s been so fun being a part of her life and hearing about her hopes and dreams. She is a very special little girl and we are sure that the Lord has great plans for her life.

Interview with Zaniah on September 23, 2014:

Samantha: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Zaniah: Well, I would want to be a lawyer so that I could make the money to start my own restaurant.

Samantha: That’s awesome! What are some things that you love about your life right now?

Zaniah: School, ummm bein a kid, good grades, and my mama

Samantha: When you think about who you want to be in the future, what are some attributes that you aspire to be?

Zaniah: Tall! Pretty… like beautiful pretty! Nice clothes, nice, fun, and happy.

Samantha: What character traits do you see in other people, such as your mom, teacher or coach that you want to be like?

Zaniah: Yeah! Especially in coach… I want to play rough and don’t cry when I get hurt. Oh, and I wanna really try.

Samantha: Do you mean kinda like being diligent?

Zaniah: Yeah! Diligent is a good word.

That's all I could get out of her, but hopefully it gives you a little look into what her world is like. Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide for her physical, spiritual and emotional needs during these crucial years of her life; And as always, thank you for your support of FCA Urban Soccer :)

Sam Walton

Assistant Director of Urban Soccer