My Favorite Sayings - 07/20/13

Here are few of my favorite, "Miss Adrienne..." phrases from the kids in Allen Hills.

-"Miss Adrienne, when I turn 18 and get a car, i'm gonna come to this church every week." -Brandon, age 11

-"Miss Adrienne, can we play soccer every Saturday?" - Alexuis, age 11

- JC: Miss Adrienne, when you coming to get us for church?
MA: I'm on my way i'll be there in about 10 minutes, be looking for me outside.
JC: Okay, you wanna know why?
MA: Why?
JC: 'Cuz I had to go off by myself and get my prayer time in.
Jon Corey, age 8

-B: Miss Adrienne, I told my teacher you was my role model.
MA: Aww really? That just made my day! But why?
B: 'Cuz you is... (pause)...honesty and kind.
-Brandon, age 11

-Group: Look y'all! Miss Adrienne, how come they got your picture in this magazine!
MA: 'Cuz i'm famous! (joking)
Terrrell: Miss. Adrienne, you is NOT no famous!

-"Miss Adrienne, Marquez asked me if it was 2 o' clock (soccer game) yet, almost every hour this morning!"
-Ms. Holmes, Marquez' mother

-D: "Miss Adrienne, why are there so many light skinned people at this church?"
MA: "Deharrius, they aren't light skinned, they are white!"
D: "Ohhh.."
-DeHarrius, age 6

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