Faithfulness - 01/09/15

1. Loyal, constant, and steadfast.

    What an amazing word. When I read that definition, the first thing that comes to my mind is the faithfulness of God; His loving kindness and steadfast commitment to us in all situations. I also think of a higher call for us as believers to strive after this seemingly daunting word. To be faithful is to stick with something even when there seems to be nothing left; Commitment isn’t meant to come with conditions… it’s meant to be eternal. We are so thankful and in awe of faithfulness when it has to do with God’s relationship with us. His forgiveness of sins, His steadfast love, and His promise to never leave or give up on us. But when it comes to our own faithfulness, sometimes it seems that we have given up all hope of learning to be people of commitment. Maybe it’s something that my generation struggles with more than previous ones. I’m not really sure, but I do know that I see it as a problem, both with those around me and myself. It’s a sad, but true reality that this beautiful characteristic is unsettlingly hard to find in todays emotion driven society. I want for a second, to make us think about what it really means to be faithful and challenge us to ask God to convict and change us if need be.

I see it all around me, every day; people giving up. Giving up on jobs, marriages, friendships, ministries, financial security, good health… the list could go on forever. We have a problem with thinking:
    a. Commitment isn’t necessary and a specific call from Christ himself

    b. If we feel like something isn’t right, it must be time to move on

    c. We simply don’t have the ability to stick it out when the going gets tough.

I think that we have blinded ourselves into thinking that it’s better to be rid of something that is unpleasant, instead of asking for the strength necessary to make it through it. To be sure, it calls us to be more and give more. It even calls us to do things that we simply don’t have the strength to do. But if I asked you if you have the desire to become spiritually, emotionally and mentally stronger, my guess is that you would answer with a resounding YES! I know with 100% certainty that I do not what to be in the same place next year that I’m in this year. I want to grow; I want to become more of the woman God has envisioned me to be.

So I wonder what would happen if we disciplined our minds and hearts to pray diligently for strength instead of asking for another door to be opened? What if we decided that we would sacrifice our emotional comfort for the betterment of something or someone else? What if before we even started, we set our minds that no matter the outcome or success, we would stick with something until the end… no exceptions.

We could no longer rely on our own strength, because that would be impossible. We could no longer accept that we are what we are, and we can’t be anything be more. We could no longer be satisfied with this continual “starting-over” and abandonment of responsibility.

We could however, actually be who God says that we are. We could be Jesus- driven, status quo opposers who choose eternal favor over temporal satisfaction. We could be a people who know the capability of their God and their identity as His children.
We could be people who do great things, because great things take trial and error and faithfulness through failure. We could have meaningful careers, lasting marriages, deeper friendships, and stronger character. 

Sign me up for that please. I want to be that person. I want to know what that means… I want to know what it means to be faithful.

Do you?


Samantha Walton

FCA Urban Soccer Assistant Director