Bankhead: City of Refuge Fall 2014 Season in Review - 11/11/14

Bankhead / City of Refuge Soccer had a successful 2014 Fall Soccer Season participating in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Urban Soccer League. The team earned the runners-up spot in its first season, winning four games, losing four and tying one.  Off the field, players memorized bible verses and were involved in ten bible studies.


We began the season with eleven players, but ended with eight. One player could not continue due to medical reasons. Two other players had challenges with making practices and games.

The eight players who continued consistently attended practices and games. 


One of the main reasons we were successful was due to the participation of dedicated volunteers and parents.

From providing weekly snacks, to cutting grass and painting soccer fields to teaching the children bible lessons, to driving the van, this was a collaborative effort. Without the level of volunteer support, our first soccer season would not have been a success.

At our final home game, we treated the players, volunteers, and parents to a surprise. We gave out chick-fil-a sandwiches as well as a thank you card and a picture of the team to all volunteers and parents

Soccer League Participation

On the soccer field, we saw steady improvement. After starting the season with two loses, the team ended the season with four wins, two losses and one tie. The two loses were to the eventual champions. We are honored that in our first season, we came second in our division.

Six out of the eight players who completed the season scored goals for the team.

2015 Outlook and Resources need

In 2015, our goal is to continue to develop our 13 year old and under soccer team. We will also begin a six through eight year old program to build a feeder pool for a  future under ten year old team. In addition to this, we will partner with a local middle school (Kip Ways Academy) to provide volunteers to assist coaching its soccer teams of 50 plus kids in the Spring season.

In addition to these opportunities to serve, we will implement a refereeing program for our young volunteers, ages fourteen through eighteen. The goal is to take two to three of them to the referee course in January 2015 and to pay them $20 per game that they referee. This will be a great way to teach them responsibility and provide a means of employment.

Our main challenge is finding an approved location to practice and play games. We will be working with local officials to make this a reality. Parks and Recreation charges $60 for every hour we have to use its fields. We are seeking a waiver on these fees as well as permissions to use vacant land in the area.

Lusenii Watson
Bankhead / City of Refuge Site Director